What to wear for your senior pictures |Melissa Braden Photography

A commonly asked question is “what do I wear for my session?” so I set up this what to wear booklet to give you some guidance. My first piece of advice is – a little prep goes a long way.

Having your outfits chosen and ready to go in advance will allow you to arrive at your session relaxed and ready.

How many outfits?

We encourage all of our seniors to bring at least 3 outfits. Be sure to choose a dynamic range so that your image gallery will show all your personality traits. Make sure that you mix it by brining pants, shorts, skirts or dresses. Do you have a prom dress that makes you feel AMAZING?? Bring it with you-glam looks is what we do!


Your session should be fun. Styling is simply connecting clothing, props & locations. Perhaps you have chosen and urban setting for your session-that could be your favorite coffee hangout, the local record or book shop. It could be as simple as the busy downtown parks and buildings.

Your Style

One of the most important things to think about when choosing your outfit, ask yourself “what is my style?” This will help lead you in the direction of what you want to wear. You want your senior picture to portray who you are.  Here are the most popular styles today.

Modern & Sophisticated


Casual Chic



Urban Grunge


Choosing Colors

When choosing your clothing colors stay away from bright reds, magenta and anything neon. The camera hates these colors. You should choose colors that go with your skin tone. Avoid colors that have too much contrast between top and bottom. Darker shades of color tend to make most people look slimmer. 


Don’t be afraid to accessorize! Bring a variety of styles with you. Long and short necklaces, bracelets and classic watches. It’s easy to incorporate sunglasses, hats, and floral crowns into your style and outfits.


When you are putting your outfits together think layers and textures. When you mix hard fabrics (like leather) with contrasting soft fabrics (lace) it will add visual interest and a unique look to your look.

Things to avoid

  • Too much contrast between your top and bottom
  • T-shirts with words or saying that could be outdated
  • Colored undergarments that show through clothing 
  • Shirts that show your bra strap
  • Too short shorts, skirts and dresses
  • Ill fitting or uncomfortable clothing


I hope the information here helps. Please keep in mind that I’m here to answer any questions or even give you some inspiration.

Download a copy of this guide!

What to wear e-book


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