Aubrey | Senior Model Session | Melissa Braden Photography

Hello! I  want to introduce one of our Senior Models—Aubrey. She is such a delight to be around. She is funny, energetic, sweet and adventurous. She contacted me back in March about becoming a senior model. I was super excited to have her on board and to be an ambassador for Melissa Braden Photography. Here is her story about her first senior session.

We had our session date picked out and Colorado decided to through some crazy weather at us! It stormed the day before and it was calling for rain the day of. I was super worried about the ground being soggy, wet and hard to walk through. Since Aubrey is from Elizabeth Colorado we chose to start our session at my moms house in Elbert Colorado. My mom has 41 beautiful acres with tall flowing grass and large sturdy ponderosa trees. (This is my favorite place to go when I need to destress.) There is a good variety of options to use on this location.  We even found multiple trees that were curvy! So we set off into the woods in search of the perfect spot to start!

Senior Model Session | Melissa Braden PhotographySenior Model Session | Melissa Braden PhotographySenior Model Session | Melissa Braden PhotographySenior Model Session | Melissa Braden Photography

Usually if this is the first time you have done a professional shoot, you tend to be nervous, but Aubrey was fearless! She was on point with her posing. The day before I drove to Denver to pick up some smoke bombs for her session and I remember her saying “that is so cool!” So we had to use them right??

Senior Model Session | Melissa Braden PhotographyAubrey

Once the smoke bombs were finished, we decided to head back to the house for a wardrobe change. As we were approaching the back of the house, we noticed that all of my moms lilac bushes were in bloom. We all knew that we needed to get in those bushes and get some amazing shots!


So there is a famous tree on the property that my mom has named Eileen. This tree has the perfect platform to sit, stand and lay down on. It’s iconic. Had to use it.


Aubrey is a soccer player and had play competitive soccer for many years. This is a big part of her and we wanted to incorporate it into the senior session.


Last stop for this location was the old wooden wagon. Much of it is still together, and the iron wheels and seat make for killer props…


When Aubrey and I did our first meeting, she really like the idea of shooting with a barn in the scene. Luckily for us, my mom and dad have the connections for this! This location is on private property and is kinda a secret. But it certainly knocked our socks off when we arrived! 600 acres of breathtaking goodness. The possibilities were endless. Two 100 year old barns, old vintage vehicles. a giant pond, blooming cherry trees….even an old bowing alley lane!


Aubrey’s first senior model session couldn’t have gone any more perfect. We have our second session planned, stay tuned, it’ll be posted in July.

Interested in becoming a senior model?? Contact me today and find out all the details!

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