Brenna | Senior Pictures | Downtown Colorado Springs

I would like to introduce Brenna! She is one of our senior models for the class of 2019. A little bit about Brenna. She is super smart! She is part of the National Honor Society at Sand Creek High School and will have almost half of her college credits for her bachelors degree done when she graduates next year.  Brenna loves music, especially 5 Sec of Summer, Nile Horn and the Fray. Her favorite movie is the Notebook (one of my favorites too!) and her favorite color is pink. Brenna’s hobbies are writing, reading, and sewing. She likes to go to the mall and hang out with her friends for fun. Her dream job is to become an author. She has an infinite love for books, which is why we started her senior session at the Bookman Book Store in Old Colorado City. They just moved into an old building closer to downtown, and if you have never been there, you should go! The Bookman has so much character and feels like how a book store should feel when you walk in.

Brenna Senior Session | Colorado Springs Senior Portrait Photographer | Melissa Braden PhotographyBrennaBrennaBrennaBrennaBrennaBrenna

After we were finished shooting at the book store, we headed to Colorado College for our next location. Their campus has beautiful architecture, which makes it a great location for senior pictures. There are tons of spots to get the perfect pictures.


Now we were off to our last two locations. The Demonstration Gardens in Monument Valley Park, and then to the pond. The Demonstration gardens is like our own little botanical garden here in the Springs. They always have a variety of gorgeous blooming flowers and shrubs, even a fairy house! For this location, Brenna wanted it to feel soft, chic and whimsical. She even brought her giant hat to complete the look.


And as the sun started to set, we scurried over to the pond to take our last set of pictures. When we arrived there were tons of baby geese, who were not afraid of us and walked right up. I was so tempted to pick one up and snuggle with it, but I don’t think the momma was gonna let me….


There are two beautiful weeping willow trees near the pond, so thats where we set out to take the last few shots of our session.


If you are looking for a senior photographer or are interested in booking a session today we would love to hear from you!!


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