Jasie | Senior Model | Melissa Braden Photography

This week’s blog post is all about Jasie! She is a senior model for the class of 2019 here at Melissa Braden Photography. Jasie is friends with my son, and that’s how we met. I fell in love with her sweet personality and how positive and upbeat she is. When I asked if she wanted be a senior model, I was ecstatic that she said yes!

Jasie is graduating from Doherty High School (go Spartans!), and she can’t wait for her senior year to start. When she grows up she wants to go into the psychology field. Her favorite color is blue and she loves to eat pasta. She has a diverse taste in music and loves to listen to all genres. Jasie likes to play basketball, volleyball and tennis. In her spare time she likes to go hiking in the mountains or at Pulpit Rock Open Space. Her favorite movie is Finding Nemo and her go to dessert is peach cobbler. Her number one place to go on vacation is Hawaii to see family.

When Jasie and I met we talked all about what she wanted her session to look like, and at first was really unsure. This is a big question that most Seniors haven’t thought about, but as we went through the questionnaire the more she discovered what her style was, what props we wanted to use and chose our locations. It was heart warming to see her excitement for her session.

For our locations we chose North Cheyenne Canon and Pulpit Rock Open Space. We started at the base of Cheyenne Canon. Here we got near the water and used balloons sporting the colors for Doherty High School.





Next we head into Cheyenne Canon and stopped at one of my favorite spots to use the stone bridge and enormous rock structures.




The flowers were still blooming in the mountains and we decided to stop at one of the picnic spots. This location was close to the stream, has gorgeous flowers and a mossed up stump. It was perfect!




While you are in Cheyenne Canon you have to stop at Helen Hunt Falls. This is one of the most famous falls in this canon. Its iconic…so of coarse we had to use it!




To the right of the falls, there is a hidden staircase that take you to a trail that a lot of people don’t know about. This trail has the perfect sitting rock right in the creek.




Off to our last stop on Gold Camp Road that over looks the valleys of the mountains. This is a breathtaking view and always reminds me of why I love Colorado.




And we need to use that tunnel near by…..




Right as we finished at this location, we headed to Pulpit Rock, but the rainstorm was beating us there. We didn’t want to take the chance of getting soaked, so we came back the next weekend…which we got hit with another big storm….and then the sun came out in time for our session and dried things up for us. Near one of the parking lots there is a awesome groves of trees, and the light was pouring in, which made it irresistible for us photographers.




We began our hike (yep we went to top of Pulpit Rock) and it was kicking my butt…calves were burning…I think I need to go hiking more! But along the way to the top we were able to capture what a cool structure this open space has.



We made it!! These views were killing it!




The wind was trying to push us around and the chill from the storm was still in the air, so we didn’t stay too long but caught these images on our way down.




Interested in being a senior model like Jasie?? Contact me today to find out more details!

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